Bright shades of hair source 2013

ModeIn a source of 2012-haired prettily girls will be the most fashionable. If you have a nature of, say, brownness thin hair, be sure to slightly lighten them, literally 1-2 pitch, it will refresh you and make the image is especially relevant. Do not forget size a maximum organic flower - for example, prefer shades of lucky ripe millet or flax. Under a rays of a sun will shine the head and Thoroughly wash, and that shades bewitch anyone!Blonde shade of honey or caramel - it is an opportunity to make a wonderfully heartwarming and feminine image. What kind of lighter shades of hair out of fashion? This period, it is correct to give up and ashy blue and whiteness colors, as right as a platinum locks in a style of Marilyn Monroe. That shades be as unnatural that the designers all complete the world unanimously excluded them with the list of favorites.  Resembling posts:Mode Spring Vogue Gallery girls suitStyle Styles of girls' vogue coatMode Fall Style: Actual colors of the period. Читать полностью -->

Dark and Whiteness: New Year's Clothes 2012

FashionWhiteness and sable, together and separately, are highly relevant in this season. Select from sable mini shiny satin or white maxi air of chiffon. Mode hit - a black-and-whiteness models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Individual be and animal print in black and whiteness. Note that beastly theme - the tendency of a time. Sable gloves, dark studs and black boa will be useful to you when you create an image of the New Year. This is a win-win item.  Alike posts:Mode Summer Style 2013: chief trendsStyle Spring Fashion Gallery ladies costumeStyle Graduation Party. Читать полностью -->

Colours and fashion

ModeThe basic colors of a business of style, of course - it's dark and whiteness. A white shirt plus a black great skirt with a jacket or vest - a win-win. But - is not a only one! Complete a kit a bright detail, and he will be transformed beyond recognition. Among a most pressing flowers of the spring time in 2012 - purple, coral, gold, silver, pink, purple and blue.Business suits this spring offers form-fitting and rather stringent, mostly - for pants. With a arrival of spring, designers are advised to wear costumes of thin pastel shades. More relevant figures - like a cell and strip.If you like a costume with a mini skirt, be sure to update the wardrobe with pencil mini skirt and jacket with a peplum. Читать полностью -->

Long live a retro and aggressive head

Fashionable underwear spring-summer 2011StyleLingerie in retro fashion is still relevant in a new time, although not each girl 18 years old will dare to wear pants with a high waist tightly (and in fact they are perfectly hiding abdomen) and retro bra (extremely handy for big breasts). But perhaps a fact that we like organic cotton, naive retro delicate lace and small patterns (specifically in flower).Stylists do not forget to make and laundry to downright screaming about the size of a sexuality and emancipation. Bright colors, contrasting trim, candid styles that provoke tissue - it seems that sex has recently get boring? - Select clothes in which you can feel same an experienced seductress.A collection spring-summer 2013 is a rich palette of shades of pink, ranging from the lightest and ending with a touch of fuchsia. Pink - the traditional color for girls. And it does not happen lots.  Like articles:Vogue The transition to winter period time. What hours will enrich the techniqueFashion Short necklace of large beadsFashion Polish mode. Читать полностью -->

Vogue lovely skirt spring 2012

VogueIt is not a first season we enjoy a opportunity to flaunt in overalls. The cold time of the year - a good excuse to dress up in a suit, which is not alone beautify, but as well warm. Interestingly, the style overalls winter season 2012/2013 - highly variant: you may be practical and rigorous, playful and seductive, open and humble...Lovely skirt - this is a bit of garments with which you can create the image to choose with, from romantic to sporty. At a same time, a skirt allows us in the way to be feminine and magnetically.A new source period of 2012 stylists propose gerls a classic skirts and skirts extraordinary fashion. Any fashionista, taking advantage of our reference, will be able to pick for himself a most appropriate skirt to throw in to a wardrobe.  Resembling posts:Mode Best key mode trends of the autumnStyle Graduation Party: Clothing Gallery fashionable ideasMode Mode Ornamentals Source 2013 period. . Читать полностью -->

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