Mode 2011: mini skirts, super mini clothes and shorts - trendy summer 2012

FashionSuper mini victorious march to a podium in 2010: a traditional super mini-skirts, ultra short shorts, clothes seductive frivolous length. All this is more true in a spring and summer of 2011. Of course, they demand a slender shape and beautiful legs. But you're still going to freshen up for the beach time.  Resembling articles:Style Summer vogue: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-1: Summer on the strapsFashion Summer clothes: photo gallery options chosenMode Mode Jewelry: Pre leaving. . . Читать полностью -->

Mode 2012: mini skirts, mini dresses and shorts - trendy summer 2012

VogueMini victorious march to the podium in 2012: a traditional mini-skirts, ultra short shorts, clothes seductive frivolous length. All this is extremely true in a source and summer of 2013. Of course, you want a slender shape and fine legs. But you're yet going to freshen up for a beach season.  Alike articles:Style Insulate his head caps and beretsFashion Luxury tandem fur and leatherFashion Summer collection of women's garments big sizes. Part 1. . Читать полностью -->

Pants-Big banana Source 2013

VogueReceived tremendous popularity this source bananas - hit 80. As, current big bananas noticeably shorter than the "grandfathers", which, how, should be same gerls of mode: a new length is more convenient and provides a area for imagination. Soft tucks at a top of the pants can hide question areas, skinny girls, they will help to visually append volume to a hips, and a girls in the body will be able to hide a some extra pounds. Much harmonious with these pants be blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - any greetings with the 80s!  Alike articles:Mode Gallery hats and jewelryStyle Autumn style: a basic wardrobe for workVogue Accessories for the New Year together in 2012. . . Читать полностью -->

Cloak - Cape Spring 2013

StyleCloak classic cut, reminiscent of a poncho, gerls wore earlier. Now the traditional fashion spacious supplemented in approximately detail, allowing to draw striving to a fragility and grace of the female form.To achieve exactly this capacity, choose a cape on a floor or medium length. Those who followed a vogue shows may be sure - most designers complement similar fashion raincoats, boots high boots. If it is - not your shoes, you can stay on a high platform ankle boots and big heels.  Same posts:Style A chief colors of spring vogueFashion Fall fashions costume for full figuresFashion Summer vogue: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-1: Summer on the straps. . . Читать полностью -->


FashionThis spring, the tendency remains in a diversity of accessories for a office. Lower-key elegant Accessories - nice for a modest stringent ladies. Romantic personages who prefer the ease and elevation of fashion, will certainly appreciate the white or solid color scarf thin scarf, tied in addition to a costume.Select the style - and the office will not be girls more elegant than you!   Similar posts:Mode Sunglasses - how an excuse to be elegantFashion Fashionable shoes for fall 2011: A women's boots, ornamentalsVogue Models of gerls's and men's hats: fox, mink, fox. . . . Читать полностью -->

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