Super mini Clothes 2013 super mini style summer 2010

ModeDoll heir TootsieClothes in a doll style pop for years. But now you are also very short. No matter what you choose: naive peas or golden models, full lovely skirt, the emphasis on a waist and puffed sleeves turn you into a princess.On a tennis courtSport, the so-called "tennis" clothes and skirts are more popular in the summer of 2012. Especially in fact views pleated great skirt or pleating. Among a favorites - whiteness. No wonder that men are how interested in tennis. Or tennis players.In the linen fashionClothing and corsets clothes in combinations of pastel colors with embroidery items look highly tempting. In essence - it's cocktail dress. But the cocktails are better not abuse it, they are already provoking men.A small sable dressSuper mini-tendency has not spared and a little black clothing - a mandatory part of a female wardrobe. Simple and modest - it is now not size him. A lot of details, lots of gold, lots of embroidery and a some fabric - here is a new sable clothes.With a Super mini offer us this time to wear it all: high sandals with laces in military fashion and satiny pumps on a huge heels, tiny clutches and massive bags, sacks, great hippie beads and exquisite Accessories, haute couture. Simply Fashion in 2012 requires the contrasts and individual approach. When using the active substance and a reprint a reference to women's reserved.  Same articles:Mode Ornamentals for a New Year together in 2013Vogue Autumn Fashion: Key TrendsFashion The dame in a aquarium: bright summer vogue trends 2008.

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