Colours and prints shoes spring 2013

VogueAmong the trend colors of source 2013 may be noted, first of all, the classic sable, purple, cherry red. These models are suitable for office sets of clothes, and in addition to the evening, which means that they can reasonably be regarded how a subject of general wardrobe.Discreet, modest brownness, beige, gray position by position with bright shades of blue and yellow, emerald green and light green.If you request anything exquisite and extraordinary shoes that distinguishes you from a crowd - we can recommend the model, decorated with floral or graphic prints contrasting colors. Do not be frightened of brightness and raznotsvetya - later the source has come!  Alike posts:Style Bright summer hoursMode Mode Ornamentals Fall-Winter 2013/2012Fashion Autumn fur: luxury finishes.

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